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Model A-BACKLESS - 1100 mm W x 1165 mm D x 1150 mm H

The Pool Filter Box comes in various sizes and configurations to cater for every layout.

The slim models cater for more confined spaces whilst the backless models cater for situations when you have less than 50mm from the equipment to the wall / fence.

The smaller models (< 1100mm in width) will easily fit a filter (cartridge or sand), a pump, a chlorinator, and the power points. The larger models (> 1100mm in width) will fit a filter (sand or cartridge), multiple pumps, spa blowers, chlorinators and more.

Single units have 1 access point from the front (fully removable door) and 1 from the top (lid opens by approx. 1 metre). Double (and larger units) have 2+ removable front doors and 2+ top lids.


Model A-BACKLESS Pool Filter / Pump enclosure measurements (in mm):

External: 1100(W) X  1165(D) X 1150(H)

Internal: 1050(W) X 1100(D) X 1100(H)

Notes with regards to measurements:

1. The external measurements are actually the same as the internal measurements throughout the box with the exception of the bottom and top of the box - where the metal bends to allow for the acoustic foaming to be housed.

2. All boxes also come in 'Backless configuration' - Please allow an additional 65mm in depth for Backless models

3. It is advisable to allow for an additional 10-20mm on all asides of your Concrete slab (if laying the box on a slab)

4. The lid requires 50mm of clearance to fully open. Please consider if placing the box against a wall or other hard surfaces.

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