Buying a Pool Filter Cover or Enclosure

Category: Other | Posted date: 2017-09-01 15:40:04 | Updated date: 2020-03-15 13:13:44 | Posted by: Joel Camilleri

What points should you consider prior to buying a Pool Filter Cover or Enclosure.

There are plenty of pool filter covers available in the market place making it difficult for the consumer to choose the right one. Here are some points that need to be considered before you buy a pool filter cover or pool filter enclosure for your pool equipment.

Sound Proof Capabilities-

Does it meet council requirements?
Is it enough for a certifier to sign off?
How much noise does it effectively block
How close is your Pool filter cover to the neighbours

Material- The material used to manufacture the pool pump shed is something that needs to be looked at. Some of the most popular options available in the marketplace include galvanized metal, timber and roof sheeting. Questions to consider:

How long will the material last before corroding?
Are you in / close to an environment that will accelerate corroding / rusting? E.g. the Sea
How will it look in your backyard / garden?

Installation- Do you prefer a DIY option or can you afford a professional installer to come in and install the pool filter cover for you. If you need to save time and money then consider an easy DIY solution – one that doesn’t involve prior handyman experience or the need for lots of special tools

Space- Most manufacturers have different sizes available ranging from small, medium to large. Make sure you get the measurements right and select a size that is appropriate for your requirements. Questions to consider:

Are you likely to add equipment to your Pool in the future? E.g.: A solar heater. Such equipment will require more space so best to prepare for the future
Do you need to use the Pool filter box for additional storage? E.g. Chemicals? If so is the material used for building the pool pump shed suitable for this?
Do you have enough space in your garden and will that interfere with other usage of the area?

Hope you find this information useful. At Pool Filter Box Pty Ltd™, we are committed to our customers and as such take pride in educating our customers about their options when it comes to choosing the right pool filter cover or pool filter box. Pool Filter Box is a proudly Australian owned business manufacturing and distributing quality pool filter covers and pool filter boxes.