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Protect your Pool Equipment with a Pool Filter Box

Posted date: 2022-08-04 16:48:44

A pool filter box is a great way to keep all the parts of your pool equipment protected from the elements.

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How to Choose the Right Colours for Your Pool Filter Box

Posted date: 2022-08-04 16:34:45

Did you know that the colour of your pool filter box can have a big impact on the overall look of your pool?

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Pool Filter Box Cleaning Tips | The Pool Filter Box

Posted date: 2022-07-25 11:38:21

Do you know how to properly clean your pool pump box? Check out our tips and tricks for keeping it running like new all season long!

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Where Should I Locate My Pool Filter Box?

Posted date: 2022-07-25 11:21:17

Unsure where to put your pool filter box? Check out our guide for the best locations and tips on installation!

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Why You Need A Pool Filter Box: Creative Ideas For Enclosures

Posted date: 2022-07-07 12:09:39

A pool pump shed is a great way to protect your equipment from the weather and keep it organised.

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Before Buying a Pool Filter Box

Posted date: 2017-09-01 15:40:04

What points should you consider prior to buying a Pool Filter Cover or Enclosure.

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Controlling Pool Equipment Noise Levels

Posted date: 2017-09-01 15:38:52

State Regulations for controlling Pool equipment noise levels, using pool filter covers/ pool filter boxes/pool filter enclosures to control the noise levels.

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