Why Choose Pool Filter Box?

A pool filter box is not just a cover for your pool equipment. It’s a testament to quality construction, exceptional durability, and intelligent design. Pool Filter Box recognises this, which is why we have developed a selection of products manufactured to provide the utmost protection for your pool pumps, filters, and heaters.

Each pool filter box is highly functional, able to withstand the rigours of harsh Australian conditions, and can be assembled in an average of 45 minutes.

Superior quality & design

Crafted to withstand the test of time, each pool filter box is built from high-quality Australian-made galvanised steel, increasing the strength and durability of the assembled enclosure. Each panel has been powder coated in-house, allowing us to control the consistency and thickness of the coating.

The interior of the box features Australian-made acoustic foam that has been industrially affixed to the panels and treated with Ultra-Fresh in order to protect against bacteria and fungi. By using this dense acoustic foam, each pool filter box boasts up to 80% noise reduction, as certified by an Acoustic Engineer.

Your pool, our expertise

You know what you want out of your pool area. You understand what equipment you’re looking to add, what colours you’d prefer, and how your backyard will be laid out. But at Pool Filter Box, we understand pool pump covers. As such, we strive to provide every customer with the perfect enclosure for their needs.

While we have a wide selection of standard sizes and colours readily available for our customers, we also offer custom fabrications for something a little more personalised.

Our bespoke designs are an excellent option for those who wish to tailor their filter box more closely to their preferences. Pool Filter Box can cater to custom colours upon request or construct an enclosure to your desired size specifications. Simply reach out to our talented team.

Australian-made & Australian-owned

At Pool Filter Box, our enclosures are made specifically to protect pool equipment from harsh Australian weather conditions. Australian-made galvanised steel shelters the pumps and filters from dirt and debris, Australian acoustic foam helps reduce noise by up to 80%, and our team hand-couriers your desired box direct to your home, Australia-wide.

Plus, each of our pool filter boxes comes with a seven-year warranty and a money-back guarantee. Don’t settle for an imitation when you can enjoy premium protection from the original. Order from Pool Filter Box today.