Pool Pump Enclosures: Purpose, Type and Installation Guide


What is a pool pump box?

A pool pump or filter box is a type of enclosure specifically designed to house and protect your pool equipment from the elements. Our pool pump enclosures are made from galvanised steel panels, available in a variety of sizes, which seal your pool equipment inside a protective and soundproof box.

The acoustic covers from Pool Filter Box come in an array of standard widths, heights, and colours, with custom fabrications available on request. We also offer a selection of optional extras that are perfect for tailoring the enclosure to your requirements.

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Why should you get a pool pump cover?

A pool pump box is ideal for minimising the exposure of your equipment to harsh Australian weather conditions, as well as reducing contact with contaminants, dirt, and debris. In turn, this physical barrier allows pool pumps and pool filters to maintain optimal functionality, keeping the water clean, clear, and healthy.

Our pump boxes are designed to significantly reduce the volume of your equipment, courtesy of the enclosure itself and the acoustic foam industrially affixed to the interior. This reduces noise levels by up to 80%, as certified by an acoustic engineer.

A pool pump enclosure is also the perfect solution for keeping your pool space tidy and looking its best as all filter equipment, electrics, and pipes can be neatly organised within the structure. And as we offer a range of different sizes, including custom fabrications, you can select a pool box that is larger than currently required, providing space for future pool equipment.

Where should you install your pool pump box?

The right location for your pool pump enclosure depends on where your pool and filter equipment is located.

  • Sun: If your pool is predominantly in the sun, the filtering equipment should ideally be installed nearby in order to prevent overheating. As a result, the pool pump box will be closer to the pool.
  • Shade: If the pool is mostly in the shade, pumps and other equipment can be installed a little further away.
  • Above-Ground: If your pump and filter system is installed above ground, it’s preferable to install it closer to the pool itself in order to prevent the tubing from twisting or kinking.
  • In-Ground: If you have an in-ground system, the pool equipment can be installed further away from the pool itself.

No matter where your filters are located, our enclosures are stylish, easy to assemble, and aesthetically pleasing, available in ten standard Colorbond colours.

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What designs are available?

At Pool Filter Box, we specialise in manufacturing high-quality pool covers, offering a wide selection of sizes, styles, and colours. We provide two main styles of the acoustic box:

  • Standard: features front, rear, top, and side panels.
  • Backless: an alternative option used for equipment within 50mm of a wall. The rear panel is replaced with two wall strips and a horizontal bridge, allowing the enclosure to be completely sealed.

If our standard range doesn’t suit what you have in mind, we can perform custom fabrications. Simply contact the team to discuss your requirements. No matter what ideas you have in mind for your pool space or pool pump cover, Pool Filter Box has a solution.

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