Controlling Pool Equipment Noise Levels

Category: Noise levels | Posted date: 2017-09-01 15:38:52 | Updated date: 2020-03-15 13:14:31 | Posted by: Joel Camilleri

State Regulations for controlling Pool equipment noise levels, using pool filter covers/ pool filter boxes/pool filter enclosures to control the noise levels.

Building regulations in all states require Pool equipment (filters and pumps) to be housed in an adequate sound proof environment. Pool filter covers or Pool filter enclosures are popular options for controlling the noise levels of pool equipment in order to meet the standards set by the council.

Most councils require the sound levels to be not more than 5 decibels to the nearest residential boundary, however it is a good idea to check the specific guidelines of your local council before investing in a pool pump shed or pool filter enclosure.

The following links illustrates some examples of various state & council legislations with regards to regulating noise from pool equipment:

Hurstville Council Noise Guide

EPA Victoria Noise Control Guidelines 

Cairns, Queensland Noise Levels

Nedlands, Western Australia Visual and Acoustic Privacy Guidelines

Moreton Bay, Qld Noise Control Guidlines

EPA, NSW Dealing with Neighbourhood Noise

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All our Pool Filter Boxes / Pool pump sheds come with an Acoustic Engineer’s report certifying up to 80% noise reduction. Our Pool Filter enclosures have been tested to meet all the building and noise regulations. Click here to download The Acoustic Engineer’s report.

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