Features of a Pool Filter Box

    • Sheltering your pool equipment from the rigours of harsh Australian weather conditions, a pool filter box is an essential addition to your outdoor space. But not all enclosures are built equally. You need a filter box that is intelligently designed, soundproof, and easy to assemble.

      You need Pool Filter Box.

Galvanised steel

Every pool filter box is manufactured from galvanised steel panels, protecting your equipment from exposure to dirt, contaminants, and harsh Australian weather. Covered in a thick powder coat, the panels are durable and resistant to corrosion, offering superior protection for your pool equipment.

  • Noise reduction

    Our pool filter boxes are designed to reduce noise by up to 80%, as certified by an acoustic engineer. This is accomplished through the physical design of the enclosure, as well as the addition of Australian-made acoustic foam. The 20mm thick foam is industrially affixed to the interior of the panels, reducing the volume of your pumps, filters, and heaters.

    • Ventilation gaps

      Since the boxes are designed to completely enclose your pool equipment, the front and back panels feature ventilation gaps for optimal air circulation. This helps prevent the pumps and filters from overheating while also providing space to run pipes or cables. The ventilation gaps have been tested by an industrial engineer to ensure your equipment remains adequately protected from the elements.

      • Unhindered access

        To provide simple access to your equipment for cleaning and maintenance, You can even add dual access to your pool filter box with an optional side door.

      Custom configurations

      Our pool pump covers are available in a range of different sizes, offering a variety of enclosures to suit every type of backyard. However, we also take custom requests to create the filter box that will best accommodate your requirements and preferences. Simply reach out to our team for more information.


      Our pool filter boxes are available in ten standard colours, each corresponding to a different shade of Colorbond. These include Classic Black, Deep Sea Green, Ironstone, and Woodland Grey. Tailor the tone of your box to complement your outdoor décor and pool space.

      Pool Filter Box can even produce enclosures with your choice of custom colour, with no added lead time.